Haunted Plantation

Haunted Plantation is an all in one Halloween event for the entire month of October! Featuring the best, interactive, SCARIEST Hayride in Oklahoma, Haunted Corn Maze, New Zombie Apocalypse Maze, Games, Movies, Fire pits, Food & Music!
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Admission to Haunted Plantation is FREE! Come play some of our games such as our Zombie Brain Smash, High striker head roll, inflatable shooting range, or our long winded clown in our Meat grinding Dunk Tank! We also have free games such as corn hole, horse shoes & frisbee golf.

If getting scared isn’t your style just sit and watch free Halloween inspired movies playing while you enjoy the campfire and concessions.

All ages are welcome, dressing up is permitted, please contact us for more information!

For groups of 10 or more please CALL US.

10 Terrifying Nights

Minutes away from Tulsa

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Haunted Attractions

Haunted Hayride

(not suggested for under 12)

Embark on a spine-chilling adventure through the middle of the Haunted Woods, where a 30-minute hayride will take you deep into the realms of terror and the supernatural. As you climb aboard the creaking wagon, the cool night air sends shivers down your spine, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey.

The moonlight filters through the gnarled branches overhead, casting eerie shadows and revealing glimpses of eerie creatures lurking in the underbrush. The sound of rustling leaves and distant whispers adds to the suspense as you venture further into the darkness.
Throughout your haunting journey, actors with a delicate touch of terror will appear from the shadows, sending shivers of anticipation through your veins. They’ll bring to life scenes of horror, suspense, and the unknown. With each twist and turn of the hayride, the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

The Haunted Hayride in the deep woods is a spellbinding experience that immerses you in a world of frightful delights. It’s a spine-tingling adventure where fear and excitement meld together, offering thrills and chills that will linger long after you’ve left the haunted forest behind. So, brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime through the Haunted Woods – If you dare…

Its the ride you CAN’T GET AWAY FROM!

Note: there is a waiver when signed to allow light touching and no one suggested to ride under the age of 12.

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NEW! Coffin To Hell

(no age limit)

Experience the spine-tingling sensation of being buried alive with our Live Coffin Ride, the ultimate Halloween thrill! Step into a custom-designed coffin, complete with eerie sound effects and dim, haunting lighting. As you lay inside, you’ll feel the anticipation and fear rise as the lid closes, immersing you in darkness. The sensation of being slowly lowered into the earth, accompanied by the sounds of dirt being shoveled above, will send shivers down your spine. This chilling experience offers a taste of the macabre, making it the perfect addition to your Halloween event for those brave enough to face their deepest fears.

NEW! Butchers Boulevard

(adult walk-thru not suggested under 12)

Welcome to Butchers Boulevard, where the nightmares of your darkest fears come to life. This spine-chilling walk-through experience will take you on a journey through the heart of a deranged butcher’s twisted world. As you enter, the air grows heavy with the stench of decay, and the dimly lit alleyways are lined with gruesome displays of dismembered mannequins and blood-soaked tools.

Each turn reveals a new horrifying scene, from blood-splattered walls to cages filled with unsettling sounds and sights. The butchers themselves, clad in tattered aprons and wielding menacing cleavers, lurk in the shadows, ready to send you deeper into their macabre realm.

Dare you navigate this sinister labyrinth, where every corner holds the promise of terror? Butchers Boulevard is not for the faint of heart, making it the ultimate Halloween haunt for those seeking an unforgettable and heart-pounding experience. Proceed with caution, for you may never escape the nightmarish grip of Butchers Boulevard.

NEW! Enchanted Woods

(2 yrs old and up)

Step into the Enchanted Woods, a magical journey that will transport kids of all ages into a world of wonder and whimsy. As you wander through this enchanting walk-through, you’ll be greeted by a dazzling display of colorful lights that twinkle like stars in the night sky.The path is lined with towering, illuminated trees that seem to dance and sway to the rhythm of your excitement.

As you continue through the Enchanted Woods, you’ll stumble upon hidden surprises that encourage laughter and exploration. It’s a place where kids can let their imaginations run wild, where the night comes alive with enchantment, and where the memories of this magical stroll will twinkle in their hearts for years to come. Join us in the Enchanted Woods, where the joy of childhood knows no bounds!

Maize of Terror - Corn Maze

(suggested 10 and up)

Prepare to enter the Corn Maze of Terror, where the fields of golden maize hold secrets that will haunt your nightmares. This Maze promises an adrenaline-pumping experience as you venture into the labyrinthine heart of darkness.

The path twists and turns through towering cornstalks that seem to close in around you, creating an eerie claustrophobia. Dimly lit lanterns cast eerie shadows, and the rustling of the leaves in the wind becomes whispers of dread. As you navigate the maze, sinister surprises await at every corner – lurking monsters, ghostly apparitions, and macabre scenes that will make your heart race.

The Corn Maze of Terror is designed to challenge your bravery, with dead-ends and hidden passages that can leave you feeling trapped in the sinister embrace of the maze. Only the most daring souls will emerge victorious, having conquered their deepest fears.

If you’re ready for a spine-tingling adventure that blurs the line between reality and nightmare, venture into the Corn Maze of Terror. But beware, for once you enter, escape may not be as simple as finding your way out.

The Cure

Welcome to the Inflatable Escape Maze, your only hope for survival in a world overrun by ravenous zombies! This larger-than-life challenge is for the quick witted as you’ll have to navigate a sprawling inflatable labyrinth to find the elusive cure and make your escape.

The maze is a towering, fortress filled with twists, turns, and dead-ends. The air is filled with suspense as you find your way through, with the undead closing in on all sides. The maze’s dark light create an eerie contrast to the impending doom lurking within. Neon glowing zombies dip in and out of the walls cast unsettling shadows as you progress deeper into the heart of this inflatable nightmare.

Hidden within the maze are clues and puzzles that will lead you to the precious antidote to the zombie virus. But beware – every wrong turn or hesitation could bring you face to face with the relentless undead horde.

This thrilling, inflatable escape maze offers a race against time and terror, challenging your agility, wits, and courage. Can you find the cure, outsmart the zombies, and escape your way to safety, or will you become just another victim in this inflatable apocalypse? The clock is ticking, and your fate hangs in the balance.

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